All the way from Rimini, Italy, Enrico Mariotti created The Land of Barbers to get back to his roots. The energy and artistry of Williamsburg reminded him of his neighborhood in central Italy, inspiring him to establish a second home here in the beloved city.

   This is the foundation of The Land of Barbers; a familiar and relaxed atmosphere that allows barbers and clients alike to feel at home. Over the years Enrico has invited friends and family into his own home to demonstrate his talents while sharing the philosophy behind his lifelong passion of barbering.

   Here at the Land, Enrico merges culture and experience by way of a skilled team of Master Barbers from all walks of life. With two shops forged from his own hands, both the Williamsburg and Greenpoint locations offer barbers with their own flair and personal style to embrace and serve the needs of men, women and children.