He initially came to NYC with high hopes of becoming an established writer but he knew it wasn’t going to happen over night. His first job was behind a computer working for a Broadway marketing company. Even though he was working with a great company in a great industry he soon realized he couldn’t spend his life in a cubicle staring at a computer screen all day everyday.


Over time this lack of realization spawned the epiphany that occurred and introduced him to his true calling which was behind a chair in a barbershop making people look pretty and creating personal relationships on a daily basis, opposed to sitting in a chair creating spreadsheets behind a computer on a daily basis. His barbering career began at a small shop Manhattan’s East Village in the summer of 2013. He worked in the East Village for over a year before enrolling at a Manhattan barber school to polish up his skills. After finishing school, Dane worked at a few small shops before eventually finding his home at The Land of Barbers. His passion and desire for styling forecasts a promising and bright future at The Land of Barbers. 

Originally from the Land of Oz, Dane hails from the great state of Kansas from a town consisting of 1,500 people. Growing up in that small of an environment he soon realized challenges and opportunities were few and far between and that he was ultimately bound for bigger and better things. Knowing this, Dane kept his eyes on the prize excelling in sports as well as academics. Since the age of eleven Dane has kept a daily journal and has written thousands of pages of short stories and poetry which he continues to do everyday nearly twenty years later.


Following high school Dane migrated to Lawrence, KS where he acquired a degree in Psychology as well as Business from the University of Kansas. During his time in Lawrence he discovered a deep love for music and passion for meeting new people. He met some of the most influential people and best friends during his college years. After graduating from KU he took initiative and moved to NYC to continue networking and learning from others on a larger scale.