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Enrico Mariotti

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Hair Stylist / Barber


Enrico Mariotti created Land of Barbers Hair Salon to return to his roots where he started his career in Rimini, Italy. The artistry of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, filled him with nostalgia. Through reminscences of his beloved hometown where he found his passion that lead him to the city of Big Apple.

In a world that's known for its beauty shines the brightest in its darkest hours, has inspired him to build a home called, The Land of Barbers Hair Salon.

This is the foundation of Land of Barbers Hair Salon; a familiar and relaxed atmosphere that allows him and clients alike to feel at home. He started this carrer more than 40 years ago and after had lot of experience in fashion creating looks for brands like Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and much more, and had styled celebrities, actors, actresses, musicians and male and female top models all over the globe; in 2015 he established Land of Barbers that has  evolved from a male oriented barber shop to a hair salon with emphasis on gender neutral services.

Land of Barbers Hair Salon are filled with plants and flowers espressing his mission for anyone to be whomever they want to be. He designed Land of Barber Salon with plentyful colors of nature mirroring leafy greens and woody browns. Every detail from ceiling lights to decor on the floor reflects his mission to create a safe place with openess and diversity.


Enrico continues to share his lifelong passion for hair, with the help of his team.

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