The Land of Barbers is a place of handicraft and devotion. These characteristics are immediately evident when entering 422 Graham Avenue. Each one of the wooden boards hanging on the walls was chosen, smoothed and shined by the founder. It took long research and hard work but Enrico wanted the space to channel its artisanal quality through the visual details rather than with words. 

Every detail has a story to tell, this gives The Land of Barbers a unique and original flavor. The roots of the land of barbers go back to the past but the space looks beyond that and lives in the present. 

Our services are meant to be an experience for the costumer. The shave, is executed according to tradition and is followed by a massage and skincare with oils and creams. A moment of relax in the chaise long always precedes the haircut. The costumer is also pampered, depending on the time of the day, with an herbal infusion, coffee or a fresh drink.
To accommodate everyone's needs, the land of barbers provides services 7 days a week.
The Land of Barbers aspires to become an extension of one's comfort zone. A safe and reliable place that at the end of each experience leaves the costumer with a feeling of honest courtesy and impeccable professionalism.